Streamlining waste

The richness of waste.
The smartness of technology.

Waste is essentially a synonym for resource. And in our day and age, most of those resources can be used time and time again. At Reen, we want to be a catalyst for a smarter and better way of managing these resources. By using world-class sensor technology combined with intelligent cloud-based tools, we work hard to streamline the way waste is managed and transported. With REEN, your waste container becomes a treasure trove of data – and this data enables you to move smarter and more intelligently.

With Reen software, waste management leads to:

Money saved

Sensors + software lighten the load on manual labour.

Higher efficiency

All the sensor data leads to insight, leading to higher efficiency.

Continuous monitoring

With Reen software, you get an unprecedented overview over your fleet.

Lower error rate

Our cloud tools helps you lower error margins when it comes to waste transport.

Advanced sensors. Simple frontends.

At REEN, we believe in smart sensor technology. That’s why we create our own sensors with best-of-breed battery life, packed to the brim with sensors.

However, sensors are not much worth if standing alone. Our team of frontend experts work tirelessly to ensure that the frontend tools are clear, simple and immediate. Exit complex systems – enter Reen Cloud.

Join us

Do you want to partake in changing the way the world handles the vast resources of waste? We are looking for highly skilled and passionate colleagues - and we are actively looking for people who love what they do, who own their tasks - and who get the job done.

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About the company

REEN is a lean provider of cutting-edge cloud tools and sensors for a more streamlined waste management process. Reen is owned by Norsk Gjenvinning, ABAX, Jetro, Agens, Comtech and I4U AS.

For more information, please contact us at +47 980 71 000 or by e-mail:

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