REEN Drive

REEN Drive is a comprehensive fleet management solution that gives you full control and visibility over the vehicles in your fleet. With our service, you can easily visualize the vehicles on a map and access up-to-date information about their status.

You can quickly see which vehicles are parked and which ones are in motion, ensuring that you are always aware of the whereabouts of your fleet. To streamline vehicle management, REEN Drive also offers a search function that presents the closest vehicles based on desired location. This makes it easier for you to find the nearest available car when you need it.

When it comes to reporting, our service provides you with detailed statistics on the number of trips the vehicles have made on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. You can also obtain information on the number of kilometers driven and CO2 emissions for the same time periods. This gives you valuable insights into fleet activities and can help you identify areas where efficiency can be improved and environmental impact reduced.

REEN Drive provides you with a printable CO2 report, allowing you to have clear documentation of the fleet's total CO2 emissions. This can be useful for internal reporting purposes or to meet the requirements of environmental certifications or regulations.

Furthermore, REEN Drive offers an analysis of overall fleet utilization. You receive information on how well the fleet is utilized and can identify potential inefficiencies or imbalances in the use of vehicles. REEN Drive also allows for analyzing utilization on a per-vehicle basis, enabling you to identify specific vehicles that are not fully utilized or may be overloaded. By choosing REEN Drive, you benefit from a comprehensive platform that combines asset tracking and fleet management with solutions that make it easy to comply with regulatory requirements. With complete visibility, you ensure that vehicles are in the right assigned locations, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and leave a smaller carbon footprint.


• Optimize time and fleet costs
• Reduce idling, fuel consumption, and tire wear
• Improve driver behavior
• Decrease carbon emissions
• Automatic wireless software and configuration updates
• Complete fleet overview

Track and Locate to Get Real-time Visibility

With REEN Drive, you'll have your fleet at your fingertips. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to visualise your vehicles on an interactive map, keeping you in the loop on their whereabouts.

Whether they're parked or on the move, you'll never lose sight of your waste trucks. When duty calls, our smart search function pinpoints the closest available vehicles, so you can reach the next collection in no time.

From Miles to Metrics to Unleash Data-Driven Insights

We're not just about driving—we're about driving results. REEN Drive provides you with comprehensive trip statistics, offering a deep dive into your fleet's performance. Discover how many trips were made, the kilometeres conquered, and even the CO2 emissions.

Empowered with this knowledge, you can optimise routes, identify efficiency gaps, and reduce your environmental impact. It's time to turn your fleet data into a treasure trove of waste wisdom.

CO2 Reports Put Emissions in Black and White

Say goodbye to hazy emissions data. REEN Drive delivers a printable CO2 report, giving you a clear image of your fleet's carbon footprint. Whether you need it for internal reporting, environmental certifications, or regulatory compliance, our detailed documentation ensures you're on the right path towards a greener future. Leave no room for waste.

Rev Up Fleet Utilisation Efficiency

Every vehicle has a role to play, and our fleet utilisation software ensures they're all pulling their weight. Our fleet analysis puts the pedal to the metal on efficiency.

From overall fleet utilisation to individual vehicle performance, you'll have the insights needed to fine-tune your waste management strategy. Identify underutilised assets, pinpoint imbalances, and keep your fleet firing on all cylinders. With REEN Drive, efficiency is always in the driver's seat.

Benefits That Steer You Ahead

  • ic24-check@2x Optimise time and fleet costs by saving on unnecessary expenses.
  • ic24-check@2x Reduce idling, fuel consumption, and tire wear so you can keep your fleet running lean and green.
  • ic24-check@2x Improve driver behaviour by fostering a culture of responsible driving for safer roads and fewer accidents.
  • ic24-check@2x Decrease carbon emissions and take a giant leap towards a cleaner, healthier planet.
  • ic24-check@2x Automatic wireless software and configuration updates to stay ahead of the curve with seamless upgrades.
  • ic24-check@2x Complete fleet overview for a bird's-eye view of the finest details - your fleet is at your command.

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REEN Drive

Visualize vehicles, check their status, and find the nearest available car. Get detailed reports on trips, mileage, CO2 emissions, and analyze fleet utilization. Streamline management, make better decisions, and reduce costs with REEN Drive.


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