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REEN Control is a groundbreaking solution that provides businesses with a simple and precise way to reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs, and achieve sustainability goals. Our platform offers you instant insight into the amount of waste you produce in real-time and provides data that demonstrates your role in achieving climate targets. REEN Control raises awareness about waste, generates cost savings, and motivates action to reduce waste, food waste, and CO2 emissions.


Commercial buildings, including shopping centers, office buildings, and other commercial properties, often have shared waste areas used by multiple tenants. This creates a significant challenge when it comes to tracking waste quantities, sorting, and individual waste management. Tenants currently have limited insight into their own waste, making it difficult to identify effective measures to reduce waste and achieve sustainability goals.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and municipal food production kitchens face similar challenges. They produce large amounts of food and generate significant food waste, but often lack effective tools to monitor, report, and reduce food waste.

How REEN Control Works?

REEN Control offers a range of features and benefits that make it an indispensable resource:

1. Easy Implementation: REEN Control is intuitive and user-friendly, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows without the need for complex installations or extensive training.

2. Data and Analytics: Our platform provides comprehensive data and analyses on waste quantities, CO2 emissions, costs, and sorting rates, allowing you to measure progress over time, set goals, and evaluate the effectiveness of your sustainability measures.

3. Cost Savings: By having control over waste quantities, you can identify waste reduction measures, optimize resource usage, and reduce costs.

4. Increased Awareness: REEN Control raises awareness about waste and sorting rates among employees, encourages responsible behavior, and promotes sustainable practices.

5. Real-Time Overview: You get an immediate overview of your waste quantity, enabling you to quickly identify areas that need improvement and take action to reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

6. Easy Identification: With the ability to easily identify users, you can track and allocate use by department, store, or user.

REEN Control is the ideal solution for businesses looking to take control of CO2 emissions, reduce costs, and work towards sustainability goals. By providing real-time data, increased awareness, and cost savings, REEN Control addresses key challenges related to waste, food waste, and CO2 emissions. With our platform, businesses can take concrete steps to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Who Can Benefit from REEN Control?

REEN Control is suitable for a variety of groups, including:

Shopping Centers:
REEN Control allows shopping centers to measure waste quantities from each tenant and identify areas in need of improvement, enabling owners, stores, and operations managers to implement measures to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Commercial Buildings:
Commercial buildings with multiple tenants and shared waste rooms can obtain accurate data on waste quantities from each tenant and identify inefficiencies to reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes:
REEN Control helps hospitals monitor and track waste quantities in real-time, reduce food waste, and identify areas for cost savings and resource optimization.

Large-Scale and Municipal Food Service Providers:
Businesses that prepare large quantities of food can identify areas for food waste reduction and cost savings using REEN Control.

General Businesses:
REEN Control is suitable for all businesses looking to reduce CO2 emissions, cut costs, and promote sustainable practices. Our platform provides increased awareness of waste quantities, cost savings, and improvement opportunities, appealing to businesses looking to take responsibility for their environmental impact and meet sustainability goals.

REEN Control addresses the need to reduce food waste and waste quantities, increase transparency and control, identify waste reduction measures, and comply with regulations and guidelines. With REEN Control, businesses take the right steps towards a sustainable and r

Benefit From Our Smart Waste Collection System

  • ic24-check@2x Go from trash to cash. Streamline your waste management - saving time and money.
  • ic24-check@2x Maintain complete authority over who has access to waste management systems.
  • ic24-check@2x Utilise data-driven strategies to slash residual waste and achieve massive cost savings.
  • ic24-check@2x Effortlessly track history of waste disposal activities for record-keeping.
  • ic24-check@2x Gain real-time visibility into food waste and non-edible organic waste.
  • ic24-check@2x Leverage data to optimise waste sorting and minimise residual waste.

The richness of waste. The brilliance of technology.

REEN Control has such a user-friendly interface that employees started using the service immediately, correctly, and without training. With REEN Control, we can plan meal setups with the lowest possible carbon footprint, which was impossible for us to do before. We save money and the environment.
Christian Vestrup
Section Manager at Kongsberg Hospital

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REEN Control

Facilitates reduced waste and increased sorting rate by providing accurate data on what and how much waste you dispose of. It also offers user access for clear control and management of waste areas.


Container management with intelligent inventory control and identification of system resources. REEN CMS gives you full control over the container park by collecting data that ensures efficient and profitable waste management.

REEN Drive

Visualize vehicles, check their status, and find the nearest available car. Get detailed reports on trips, mileage, CO2 emissions, and analyze fleet utilization. Streamline management, make better decisions, and reduce costs with REEN Drive.


Optimization tool for container fill levels and dynamic emptying and route planning for the most efficient waste management. Enables you to operate based on demand rather than a calendar.

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