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REEN simplifies the installation and utilisation of waste-related technology by combining intelligent sensors, data collectors, and cloud services. On a mission to streamline the way waste is collected, transported and handled, our team is reducing both industry CO2 emissions and operational costs across the value chain.

Are you our new CFO?

REEN AS is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, and we are currently seeking a dynamic and experienced CFO to join us in shaping an exciting future. Proudly owned by two of Norway's most renowned companies – ABAX and Norsk Gjenvinning – REEN AS has a solid foundation for growth and impact. This partnership establishes the basis for a unique combination of technological expertise and a profound understanding of sustainable resource management and waste handling. At the core of our business is our commitment to shaping a greener and more efficient future. Our vision is to be a pioneer in environmental technology, and as the CFO of REEN AS, you will play a key role in realizing this vision.

We are looking for a dedicated and strategically oriented CFO who will contribute to strengthening our financial position and guiding us through exciting growth opportunities. As part of REEN AS, you will not only be a central figure in the company's development but also a driving force for environmentally friendly solutions. This is an opportunity to become part of an organization committed to changing the rules of the game for eco-friendly technology.

Brilliant People

REEN combines the richness of waste with the brilliance of technology to serve a network of various collection operations. But brilliant technological solutions never stem from algorithms or AI’s - they begin in the minds of brilliant people.
Our brilliant employees are divided between sales, customer service, marketing, administration, IT, and product development. As a global team, we are spread across offices in Norway, Finland, the US and the UK, with our headquarters in Larvik, Norway.

As one of the fastest growing leaders in the world of streamlined waste management, we are constantly looking for brilliant employees who share our love of people, technology, and software. Join us today and help pave the way for a new generation of smarter waste management solutions.
  • Vibrant and inspiring work environment
  • Attractive work-life balance
  • Internal development program
  • Enthusiastic and motivated colleagues from across the globe

The richness of waste. The brilliance of technology.

I am proud to be part of a company that I strongly believe will succeed! REEN is a great place to work, with great opportunities for self-development.
Karina Skagun
Junior Developer
I am happy to work in REEN because it gives me the opportunity to help build an organization from the ground up, alongside talented colleagues and experienced leaders.
Kim Hette
Senior Account Executive
I am proud to be part of REEN both to help my team streamline waste management, and to contribute to a greener future.
Christian Trevland
At REEN I have colleagues with contagious enthusiasm, they inspire me to love what I do. A culture that promotes growth, that helps me develop myself and take ownership of my work. We are on a mission to make a change , and get the job done!
Harald Salmelid
Software Developer

Love it. Own it. Get the job done.

Streamlining Waste Management
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