REEN Container Management Service (CMS) provides intelligent resource management by utilising sensors to identify, track, and monitor your containers. It gives you the data needed to work smarter, streamline your logistics, and reduce administrative and operational costs.

REEN CMS Asset - Unleash Container Control Superpowers

REEN CMS Asset gives you full control over your container inventory. REEN CMS Asset is a BLE service that provides you with information on the location of your containers, the condition of your container park, and inventory management. QR codes make it easy for any driver to quickly identify the correct container during pickup, simplifying daily operations.

By registering all your containers with unique tracking codes, you can easily track the lifecycle of each container and ensure that you get the most out of each one.

REEN CMS Asset Plus - Tracking That Goes the Extra Mile

REEN CMS Plus delivers dynamic tracking of your assets related to waste management. By using REEN CMS Plus, you have the ability to track your assets in real-time and facilitate efficient, profitable, and sustainable actions.

REEN CMS Plus is designed to monitor your mobile devices without a power source. It requires no installation and can be easily adhered or mounted with a steel cage for extra protection. With a waterproof cover and long battery life, this service is always on guard when you're not present.

Unlock a World of Benefits with REEN CMS

  • ic24-check@2x Stay ahead of the waste management game with seamless software updates, ensuring you always have the latest features and enhancements.
  • ic24-check@2x Navigate through our intuitive and innovative software platform, making waste management a walk in the (compost) park.
  • ic24-check@2x Gain complete visibility and control over your assets, tracking their every move and optimising their usage for maximum efficiency.
  • ic24-check@2x Our team of waste management experts is here to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring you never feel left in the landfill.

The richness of waste. The brilliance of technology.

The system is crucial for optimising transportation, both for economic and, not least, environmental reasons. We have gained more visibility into the different containers and spend less time finding the right containers for transportation and other uses, thus saving time and money.
Henrik Våraker-Johansen
COO of NG Metall

Where sustainability meets profitability

Solving today’s environmental issues of waste-related pollution one container at a time.

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REEN Control

Facilitates reduced waste and increased sorting rate by providing accurate data on what and how much waste you dispose of. It also offers user access for clear control and management of waste areas.


Container management with intelligent inventory control and identification of system resources. REEN CMS gives you full control over the container park by collecting data that ensures efficient and profitable waste management.

REEN Drive

Visualize vehicles, check their status, and find the nearest available car. Get detailed reports on trips, mileage, CO2 emissions, and analyze fleet utilization. Streamline management, make better decisions, and reduce costs with REEN Drive.


Optimization tool for container fill levels and dynamic emptying and route planning for the most efficient waste management. Enables you to operate based on demand rather than a calendar.

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Streamlining Waste Management
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