REEN Advanced Routes

Your Shortcut to Waste Collection Success

With REEN Advanced Routes, intelligent optimisation meets waste collection and route planning. Say goodbye to inefficient routes, unnecessary costs, and wasted time. With our data-driven solution, you'll experience a revolution in route planning that saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint, and brings harmony to your drivers' daily journeys.

Harness the Power of Data

REEN Advanced Routes puts the power of data in your hands. By leveraging insights from REEN Drive and other relevant sources like traffic reports and vehicle specifications, our advanced algorithm calculates the most efficient routes for your drivers. Data transforms into actionable decisions within seconds, ensuring your drivers always reach their destinations, whether they follow fixed schedules or respond to on-demand requests. Welcome to the future of waste collection and transport planning..

Maximise Efficiency and Minimise Costs

On average, users of Advanced Routes experience remarkable savings of 25-40% on fuel and driving costs. By optimising routes and maximising the number of deliveries and pickups on each journey, you'll see increased revenue and improved financial performance.

Advanced Routes empowers your business with the flexibility to make better economic decisions while reducing your environmental impact. It's a win-win situation.

Simplify and Streamline

Now you can automate the entire waste collection process, drastically reducing planning time. No more tedious manual calculations and more seamless efficiency. Need to make changes? No problem. Whether it's adjusting shifts, accommodating more containers, incorporating holidays, or adapting to any dynamic situation, our system resolves it all with just a few clicks. This is planning made simple.


  • ic24-check@2x Drive less or collect from more locations with each vehicle, optimising resource utilisation.
  • ic24-check@2x Happier customers when waste is reliably collected/deposited
  • ic24-check@2x Automate the collection process, saving valuable time and resources.
  • ic24-check@2x Easily manage and adapt to changes, ensuring smooth operations in any situation.

Where sustainability meets profitability

Solving today’s environmental issues of waste-related pollution one container at a time.

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REEN Control

Facilitate waste reduction, increase sorting rates, and boost material recycling for a cleaner and better world. REEN CONTROL puts you in full control of your waste management operations.


Stay ahead of the waste game with real-time updates on the fill level of your waste containers. By collecting waste only when needed, you can drive profitable and sustainable operations with ease.

REEN Drive

Experience complete fleet management solutions that grant you full control and visibility over your vehicles. From optimised route planning to real-time vehicle status updates. REEN DRIVE keeps your fleet on the right track.

REEN Advanced Routes

Save on driving costs and reduce your company's carbon footprint with REEN ADVANCED ROUTES. We're setting a new standard for waste collection and transport planning, ensuring a greener future for all.

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Streamlining Waste Management
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