Automatically measure, predict, and optimise deposit rates, pick-up rates, and user access to gain consistent control and management over waste deposit areas.


A Container Management Service that provides intelligent inventory management and system asset identification by combining fill level sensors and QR-codes.


A multipurpose fleet management and sensor solution for all vehicles and machines that helps reduce fuel consumption, vehicle wear, and C02 emissions.


A top of the line optimisation tool used to position collectable container assets and simplify dynamic scheduling and routing.


REEN Control
Control and collection made easy.
REEN Control includes the subcategories REEN Control Access and REEN Control Measure. Access automatically measures, predicts, and optimises the way users access waste deposit areas. Measure automatically records, measures, and predicts trends from deposit and pick-up rates to optimise future recycling streams. When Access and Measure are used in unison, you get a consistent experience that is easy to control and manage.
Measure benefits:
  • Automatically measure and predict trends from the deposited waste and pick-up rates
  • Automatically register the deposited waste and whom or which company made the deposit
  • Effectively collect KPI’s for both high and low level statistics
Access benefits:
  • Automatically sense who is accessing an area
  • Door automatically opens when an authorised person approaches
  • Compile correct access history for KPI harvest
Optimized, demand-based logistics.
REEN Container Management Service (CMS) is intelligent inventory management that combines fill level sensors and QR-codes for system asset identification. Ensuring the correct positioning of approved containers, CMS makes tracking the life-cycles of collectables easy and ensures that the measured weight-to-volume ratios are on par with desired KPIs. The end goal is significant reduction of costs, higher pick-up frequencies, and better control over billing and purchasing.

Main Benefits:
  • QR-codes for system asset identification
  • Correct positioning of collectable containers and assets
  • Measurable fill-rates to be on par with desired KPIs
Clean and clear resource management.
REEN’s Dashboards and Interfaces is what puts you back in the driver's seat. Based on the data collected from our patented world-class sensors, we give you what you need to measure, predict, and streamline the management of your containerised waste and recycling streams. Develop insight, regain overviews of user access and permissions, and accelerate seamless integrations for improved decision making and fuller operational control. The REEN user interface can even be synced with existing systems using our Application Programming Interface (API).
REEN Drive
Efficient fleet administration.
REEN Drive is a multipurpose data capturing sensor for all vehicles and machines. Data-driven route planning reduces idling, fuel consumption, vehicle wear, and CO2 emissions. Combined with over the air updates and intuitive user interfaces, the result is efficient waste pick-up, error free invoice documentation, and a better customer experience. Drive gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Main Benefits:
  • Complete overview of the entire fleet
  • Lower transport costs
  • Quality approved reports for certification or compliances
REEN Advanced Routes
Simplified dynamic scheduling.
REEN Advanced Routes is used to properly position collectable container assets. A top of the line optimisation tool, Advanced Routes calculates ideal routes in real-time by interpreting data variables like time, location, traffic, vehicle capacity and type. Advanced Routes simplifies dynamic scheduling and routing to maximise your business revenue, turnover, and help save up to 40% on fuel consumption and driving time costs.

Main Benefits:
  • Save 25-40% on costs (fuel and drive time)
  • Improve the effectiveness of deliveries or pick-ups to maximize business revenue
  • Increase turnover by using the same fleet to service 40% more sites
Powered by smart sensors.
All of REEN’s software is an open platform, designed for streamlining waste management. We have our own patented sensors, and we use services from ABAX’s global network.

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