REEN brings waste management technology offering to UK

Press release: April 2023

Norwegian technology provider, REEN, has brought its intelligent waste management systems, combining world-class sensors and intelligent cloud-based tools, to the UK.

The company already has an extensive customer base across Norway, Finland and Sweden and is now expanding its data-led offering to help UK organisations streamline the way their waste is collected and transported.

For organisations managing waste management fleets, REEN’s multipurpose data capturing sensors calculate ideal routes in real-time by interpreting data variables like time, location, traffic, vehicle capacity and vehicle type. This data-driven route planning can reduce idling, fuel consumption, driving time, vehicle wear and tear and overall CO2 emissions for fleets, as well as generating automatic quality and compliance reports.

REEN also offers intelligent inventory management services that combine fill level sensors and QR-codes for quick asset identification. REEN technology also tracks the life cycles of collectables to ensure that the measured weight-to-volume ratios are on par with desired KPIs, resulting in better cost control.

Despite being new to the UK market, the company is already making an impact.

Using fill level data and predictive algorithms, REEN has overhauled the daily collection processes for Salford City Council, generating an anticipated time saving of approximately 30% within the first 6 months of operation. REEN technology has also helped Deby City Council reduce the number of visits to bins from its waste management fleet by 53%.

Lee Wheatley, Service Manager at Derby City Council said, “The REEN system has helped us track when bins are full. With the old system, we would typically drive all around the city emptying bins on that frequency whether that bin was full or not.

The REEN system tells us when a bin is getting full and when the bin is likely to need collecting and on what day. So, it helps reduce the number of wasted journeys, cuts down on fuel, helps relieve officer time for other activities and can help with things like overtime.”

Piers Barron, REEN’s Chief Sales Officer, said, ““Technology within the waste management industry is really developing quickly. Used in the right way, it can add enormous value in terms of efficiency and sustainability, as well as significant cost savings.

REEN has enjoyed remarkable success across Scandinavia by helping companies streamline the way their waste is transported and collected. We’ve been delighted to see these achievements already begin to be replicated for a small number of UK local authorities and the team is excited to increase its customer base in the UK even further.”

For more information about what REEN might be able to do for your organisation, get in touch via our website or Linkedin profile.”

REEN supplies data-led waste management services for any organisation looking to improve the efficiency of its waste management practices, including waste management companies, independent businesses, service providers and local authorities.

Photo caption: Piers Barron, REEN’s Chief Sales Office

Note to editors:

REEN technology provides the valuable insight needed to transform how companies collect, transport, and distribute their waste. With long-term goals to lower operational costs and environmental impacts, its mission is to streamline waste management and recycling operations.

For the past decade, REEN’s parent company, ABAX, developed and invested in telecommunications, vehicular technologies, and computer science to become the second-largest telematics company in Europe. After branching off to focus on waste management solutions, REEN acquired Enevo – a global sensor technology developer and dynamic route solution provider.

Today, REEN stands as a uniquely advanced provider of cutting-edge cloud tools and sensors. As the company continues to grow and develop its technology, it aims to set the stage for a new era of group collaboration and innovation within the waste management industry.

For more information, please contact Hannah Bull, Media Matters, 01733 371363,

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