How Galleriet kjøpesenter increased their Source sorting to 70%  using REEN Control!

Renato Bonafede, the Operations Manager at Galleriet Shopping Center, sheds light on the challenges they faced in achieving higher recycling rates and the pivotal role REEN Control played in their sustainability journey.

Historically, Galleriet Shopping Center has maintained a relatively high recycling rate, hovering around 60%. However, their goal was to elevate it to 70%. The pandemic threw a curveball, as Renato explains, “We experienced a dip in recycling rates during the pandemic, primarily due to a surge in cardboard deliveries. Cardboard recycling not only involves substantial volume but also considerable weight, which significantly inflated our sorting statistics.”

The disappearance of cardboard during the pandemic led Galleriet to realize that their proficiency in source separation might not have been as robust as initially believed. Renato points out, “Other waste fractions were concealed behind the extensive cardboard production.” Nevertheless, Galleriet has long been committed to environmental consciousness regarding waste management. Renato emphasizes, “Our statistics only reflect the amount of waste we deliver to Norsk Gjenvinning throughout the year, without specifying the waste sources.”

Renato Bonafede showing off their amazing Waste Room

Regarding monitoring waste quantities from individual suppliers, Galleriet had some preliminary ideas about who generated more waste and who contributed less. Renato reveals, “What we’ve observed is that grocery stores are the major culprits. They also supply the largest volume, in terms of sheer quantity and weight, primarily due to the significant amount of organic waste, which carries a high weight unit.”

Over the past year, Galleriet has once again refocused its efforts on source separation. Renato enthusiastically discusses the impact of REEN Control on their recycling initiatives. He states, “When we implemented REEN Control, it gave our center a fresh boost. REEN provided invaluable assistance by visiting all the stores and introducing them to the new project. This rekindled people’s enthusiasm for waste sorting.” As a result, Galleriet now seems to be reaching the recycling levels they previously aimed for.

Renato is confident that with increased dedication, the recycling rate will rise to its desired target of 70%. He also highlights how new digital solutions have greatly facilitated their efforts, saying, “REEN is undoubtedly a valuable tool for us in achieving the highest level of traceability in all our operations.”

Thank you to Bonafede and Galleriet kjøpesenter for a sustainable and pleasant talk!

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