Fretex location manager experiences financial saving of 35-40% thanks to REEN technology!

How Fretex did it before acquiring REEN technology

Before we acquired REEN’s technology, we drove manual routes, we had Monday routes, Tuesday routes etc. We drove 7-8 routes every day plus a little in the evening and at weekends. After we acquired REEN’s technology, changes have taken place. We have almost reduced our car fleet by half in Norway and at the very start we actually saw a reduction of 25%. Today we have reduced our driving cost by 35-40% thanks to REEN technology


Location manager Knut Olsen talking about how REEN technology have reduced the risk of stealing.

“Our wish is of course, that there should be no theft, we want the people to know that the clothes they deliver arrive where they are supposed to, and this is where REEN comes in as a fantastic partner. If there is thievery now it will be detected and that is thanks to REEN technology. Without the technology, we would not have been able to follow this. With REEN technology we recieve a report every day and with that information we can quickly identify the emptyings we have not carried out.”

Fretex gets several tonnes of clothes donated every day that would otherwise have been thrown away, which Fretex uses further as a resource!

Happy customers

We at REEN are passionate about our customer satisfaction, so it is extremely gratifying for us at REEN to hear that Fretex is satisfied with how the technology has affected their everyday life. Knut Olsen explains how the technology has affected their company.

I am very satisfied with REEN. The technology is adapted to our needs, and it is exactly what we needed. Before the technology we had to calculate the degree of filling ourselves. Now we get daily reporting and driving routes, which means that everything is more controlled. So now we can report where we need to report easily. We looked for an opportunity to make our driving more efficient, reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the environmental consequences of collecting clothes and textiles. For our part, REEN technology has had a great effect, we have seen a financial saving of 35-40% and in addition, it has given us a great overview in relation to the staffing overview and temporary staffing overview.

Many thanks to Fretex and Knut Olsen for allowing us to come on a pleasant visit, we wish you the best of luck with the wonderful work you do!

Knut and Åse are happy with REEN!

REEN Control

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Streamlining Waste Management
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