Simple measures have led to a saving of close to NOK 10,000 per month!! Thanks to REEN Control.

Halden Helsehus has taken a remarkable step towards more sustainable and responsible waste management by adopting REEN Control. This initiative has not only resulted in significant cost savings, but has also changed the attitudes and behavior of the employees when it comes to food waste.

Before the implementation of REEN Control, Halden Helsehus lacked a thorough insight into what, where and how much food waste they produced. This prevented them from taking measures to reduce wastage in a targeted manner. With REEN Control, this has changed dramatically.

A notable observation following the implementation of REEN Control is the increased awareness among employees of the amount of food waste they generate. Monthly presentations of accurate figures have provided a visual representation of waste, and participation in monthly competitions has engaged employees in achieving a higher level of awareness and responsibility when it comes to waste management. Through this, employees have gained a clear understanding of how much food is actually wasted, as well as the economic and environmental impact of this.

The positive attitude towards change and improvement has been evident among the employees. An example of this is the startling discovery of the amount of discarded coffee. By implementing a simple practice of boiling one pot of coffee instead of two in the morning, Halden Helsehus has already achieved a reduction in food waste and subsequent costs.

Halden Helsehus also took into account the waste regulations as a motivating factor for using REEN Control. The service has enabled a significant increase in the overview of food waste, and this has led to a more structured approach to identifying sources of waste. Through accurate figures from REEN Control, Halden Helsehus has begun a systematic process of introducing measures to reduce food waste, lower CO2 emissions and reduce costs.

The results speak for themselves. In just a few months, Halden Helsehus has managed to save over NOK 10,000. This is a direct result of increased awareness and commitment among the employees, as well as the implementation of simple but effective measures to reduce food waste.

Anne Grete Berg (Manager Halden Helsehus) and Ulrik Bråthen (Case manager Halden Helsehus)

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Halden Helsehus ensures that all users understand the difference between food waste and matavfall with this creative solution.

Not only has Halden Helsehus reacted to the data that REEN Control has given them, but they have also taken ownership of the problem. The employees themselves have initiated measures to reduce waste, such as reducing the number of bread slices, which has resulted in significant financial savings.

Overall, REEN Control has been a decisive factor in the success of this project. It has given Halden Helsehus an immediate and accurate overview of their waste management, and has thus formed the basis for a sustainable approach to food waste.

Halden Helsehus has demonstrated an exemplary effort to reduce its environmental footprint, and their experience with REEN Control serves as an inspiration for other organizations wishing to take similar steps towards a more sustainable future.

Many thanks to Anne Grete Berg and Ulrik Bråthen for allowing us to visit, and thanks for a sustainable and pleasant chat about REEN Control!

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