Amfi Larvik has reduced residual waste costs with 50% using REEN Control!

Before the implementation of REEN Control, Amfi Larvik had a monthly emptying of the residual waste compactor. With precise data from REEN Control, they reduced this to emptying every other month, resulting in a halving of the costs for residual waste! This was just the beginning of the positive changes that REEN Control brought with it.

One of the most significant changes was increased awareness among the employees about the need to reduce waste and enhance source separation. They realized that they played a crucial role in a broader sustainability effort.

Per Joar Spydevold, Operations Manager at AMFI Larvik.

Another significant gain has been that Amfi Larvik now handles more fractions, resulting in improved source separation. Employees have been inspired to participate in the process and see that they are part of something bigger than just their individual contributions. Many of the stores in Amfi Larvik are part of larger chains. Larger chains often face pressure for reporting, and the stores at Amfi Larvik can now be at the top of the class, demonstrating real numbers and precise reporting already today. Before REEN Control, the source separation rate at Amfi Larvik was approximately 62%. After implementation, it has increased significantly by 16% and is now an impressive 78%. This is an increase that has even surprised the headquarters, and it is a clear indication of how effectively REEN Control has contributed to improving waste management.

In addition to the impressive results, Amfi Larvik praises REEN Control for its user-friendliness. The implementation of the system and the training have been straightforward, and it has engaged the entire team with enthusiasm to reduce waste and enhance source separation.

REEN Control has been a game-changer for Amfi Larvik, resulting in significant cost savings, increased source separation, higher awareness of waste management among the staff, and solid preparation for future environmental reporting requirements.

Thanks to Joar for a sustainable and pleasant conversation.

REEN Control

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