REEN transforms waste management systems into sustainable, closed-loop-systems through the use of intelligent sensors, data collectors, and cloud services.
What we do.
We work with companies that want to have a greater impact on their communities.

REEN’s expertise and technology provides the valuable insights needed to improve the way waste management companies collect, transport and distribute their waste.
With it, waste containers become treasure troves of data, used to help your assets move smarter, cost effectively, and with ease.

To get the job done, we communicate clearly, gather continuous feedback, and care deeply about our customer’s needs. This allows us to fully own our processes, ensuring our employees have the right resources to perform, adapt, think big, and deliver on time with quality and integrity.

REEN stands as a uniquely advanced provider of cutting-edge cloud tools and sensors, on a mission to streamline waste management operations.

For the past decade, REEN’s parent company ABAX developed and invested within the fields of telecommunications and vehicular technologies to become the second largest telematics company in Europe. After branching off to focus on waste management solutions,
REEN acquired Enevo - a global developer of sensor technology and dynamic route solutions.

Together, as we continue the development of our patented technology, we hope to set the stage for a new era of group collaboration and innovation within the waste management industry. Having already installed thousands of sensors across the Nordic region, we are proving how profitability can walk hand in hand with sustainability, one container at a time.

A data-driven, sustainable solution for your company.”
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Do you want to change the way the world handles waste? We are actively looking for passionate colleagues who love what they do, who own their tasks, and who can get the job done.
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